European Studies (Research) – London School of Economics

November 18, 2019


European Studies (Research) - London School of Economics Review

by Anonymous

November 18, 2019

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The professors are at the top of their field so they really know their subject areas, but this means they have little time for students. Some of them will attempt to help but most are too far up their own asses to speak to anyone they feel is less intelligent than themselves.


The courses listed online for your programme will likely not actually be the ones available for you to take and they don't let you know until you're already on campus and it's too late. The entire campus is under construction and it's all you can hear if you're in the library. The library itself is laughable, with nowhere near enough space to work, a ban on eating or drinking except in one small spot, and a truly heinous spiral staircase running through it. People will monopolise books for months without returning them when requested. The administration is the worst of it, however. Foreign students are treated like cash cows and milked for all they're worth. They pay higher fees than EU or UK students (and 70% of students are foreign). Once you're there, the admin has little incentive to actually make your experience pleasant, because the school's reputation is already good so why do they give a shit? Who's going to believe you? Pastoral support is a joke, the mental health facilities will gaslight you about the problem actually being your 'high expectations' rather than the school's complete disregard for anything but your money. And when you have an issue with an assessment being graded incorrectly, they will make you wait months in order to then have to PAY MORE MONEY for them to conduct an administrative mark check. This place is a poor excuse for a higher education institution and as someone planning to pursue a career in academia, I can certainly say that I will tell everyone I meet about this experience.



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