Sociology Master – London School of Economics

November 7, 2022


Sociology Master - London School of Economics Review

by Anonymous

November 7, 2022

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Nothing but their reputation


Professors are experts in their fields, so you can learn a lot from them. Interesting courses. Inspiring students.


1st: Students service, administrative issues etc are a disaster. They do not employ enough staff, so staff is constantly overworked and 'on leave'. No one is answering the phone and you're waiting for email responses for almost 2 weeks. After finishing my course, I needed documents for my employer and they were not helpful at all, even impeded my employment process. Maybe they should put less money into their buildings and more to their staff... 2nd: Grading is intransparent. Although they are claiming to be transparent in their grading, it happened several times that I and other students simply received the mark for our essays without any comment at all. 3rd: They do not care about your mental health. Exams are organised in an extremely stressful way, i.e., many students write almost all of their exams which count 100% for the whole year in one week. Moreover, in one year of PG studies you will have no break at all. Although there are some weeks of 'vacation', you will probably have to hand in 3 essays afterwards. As if this would not already put enough pressure on you, they will write you emails during exam/assessments periods stating you should not forget to think about your dissertation... Although they oranise a mental health awareness week during exam period, this is only fighting symptoms. It would be more helpful to change the way assessments and the whole study year are structured! I know more than a third of the students of my cohort who developed or reinforced their mental health problems during their master's year at LSE.


Think twice if you really want to pay the money for such an experience...

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