PhD In FELS – Southampton

December 3, 2021


PhD In FELS - Southampton Review

by Anonymous

December 3, 2021

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Decent facilities but terrible faculty and treatment of students.


The facilities are good overall, some really good laboratory equipment.


The faculty (and the grad school) does not seem to care about the students. No actions are taken based on student feedback, students are forced to jump through various hoops to get access to basic IT equipment. Students are constantly told that the faculty wants to help them but students don't reach out, yet when students reach out they get passed along between countless people and problems don't get solved. The university treats PGRs as staff when it suits them and as students when it suits them - there is no consistency. This isn't a "pandemic problem", this is a Southampton problem. Luckily my supervisors are great and the project is interesting, but there's only so much a supervisory team can do when the university constantly puts barriers in place for PGRs.


Honestly, if I was able to make my decision again, I wouldn't have chosen Southampton.

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