MSc Foundations In Clinical Psychology – Canterbury Christ Church

October 29, 2020


MSc Foundations In Clinical Psychology - Canterbury Christ Church Review

by Anonymous

October 29, 2020

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After some teething issues, the course was interesting and engaging. But the university itself couldn't care less about it's postgraduate students and made my year here less than pleasant.


The lecturers are warm, welcoming and approachable. They are willing to offer help and assistance where needed and will make sure to help with questions regarding next steps after the course. The assignment feedback was also incredibly helpful (especially compared to that received at a different university attended for my BSc).


This was only the second year this course was running, and that was incredibly evident. We had to overcome many, MANY hiccups and issues, including lead lecturers taking months and months to reply to urgent emails. As the course progressed our experience improved, but please bear annoying and disruptive teething issues in mind if you are considering applying for this course. As for the university as a whole, it really couldn't give less of a damn about it's postgraduate students. This is made clear on our induction day/week where we had a postgraduate welcome day timetabled, but no one at the university had any idea it was supposed to happen or plan it, essentially wasting a few days of our time. It was further shown in the fact that we regularly had our IT accounts locked despite still actively studying and/or awaiting final grading. Despite raising this issue several times, and our accounts apparently now having the 'correct' end date, it continues to occur. We also regularly received emails aimed at undergraduate students, and again, despite asking that the postgraduate students be removed from this mailing list, no one bothered to pay attention. Honestly, this was a terrible experience from a customer service point of view.


Honestly, this course isn't BPS accredited, and other than putting you in a marginally (literally marginally) better position in terms of qualifications and/or prolonging future steps, I wouldn't bother. The university WILL NOT care about you or making your experience there a good one. I suggest applying for a practical course or getting some hands-on experience rather than spending a year and more money on this course.

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