Law – Northumbria

March 10, 2019


Law - Northumbria Review

by Cris

March 10, 2019

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I would NOT recommend this University


Nice courtroom. Some (very few) approachable and friendly staff.


Staff attitudes, staff are clearly bullied by management and there is low morale amongst staff. I have sought help and advice from some (e.g. E.Piasecki, N.Wortley and W.Ralston) but have just been gossipped about and mock by them - not just me but other students. The research quality by junior staff is poor - it seems they take the ideas from postgraduate students to develop their own ideas of research. The central system of student support is awful, students get passed about the place for no good reason. The law school trys to make things look great when it comes to student satisfaction survey to ensure good marks, but frankly it's too little too late and it's all quite fake.


Think about Sunderland or Teesside University instead.

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