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May 9, 2018


Law - Newcastle Review

by Anonymous

May 9, 2018

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They don't care about you


Some nice staff.


Oh so many. The main university don't care about the faculty of law at all. They'll paint the corridor and say it's updated and brand new but the lecture theatre is a MESS with broken chairs and the desk thing is broken and in the library nothing matches at all. Plus I've found that access to some databases is being cut off/not there. In comparison to almost every other uni building or lecture theatre I've been in, the law school is a shit-hole. Literally no money spent towards it AT ALL. Absolutely infuriated after having visited the medical school and seeing absolutely no expense spared with even walls freshly painted, new seats with massive legroom (I'm tall, I can barely fit in the lecture theatre seats) new tech everywhere. Every other building appears to be 100% but the law school is just broken and old. We've dropped rapidly in ranking and it's no surprise - the main uni just do not care what happens to law students. This year alone, I have heard from students in other years about a catastrophe with teaching/wrong things being taught and one lecturer even leaving mid-semester. Absolutely shocking. When I first applied, the uni had a great ranking for law and now it's just embarrassing. A lecturer that I had this year had a turnout of less than half the year as his lecturers were just reading off the slides very slowly in a monotone voice and then talking about some anecdote completely unrelated to law. On top of that, there's this elitist society that all Law students feel like they need to join - the Law society. The committee does no background checks and there is a student on their committee who has sent abusive emails after not getting their way in a competition. When a society is run by such leadership it's clear that it's not going to be run right - as displayed by the various failures of this society. Every law student at the start of the degree/year is told that they need to join or they won't be able to partake in the law ball, the competitions etc. You can. You absolutely can, there's no rule it's a lie to get you to pay £40 to them. Then you pay them that money (for which you get a CHEAP hoodie that is sponsored anyways so what are we paying for) and they expect you to pay £40-50 for the law ball. Now, a quick search will show you that most venues seating 250 (as advertised for the ball) people in Newcastle are around £20-25 per person. Including the meal, the red carpet, the DJ, the decorations and the wine. WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR? On top of that, they don't go with the meal offered by these venues anyways, they go outside catering so they can get it even cheaper (again - why are we paying £40) and they give you quite possibly the WORST meal I've ever had. I had a frozen brownie that you couldn't cut into and I don't really know - a sloppy mess of semi-cold beans I think it was. 2 hours late. Also, the society relies on you to drink. I don't drink at all - I think they had one event the entire year for people who don't drink. ONE EVENT. And they didn't spend any money towards it - it was in the law school itself - some sort of film night, in the middle of exam season so nobody would turn up. So I paid £40 for a hoodie, a frozen brownie and tinned beans that made me sick. Like okay then. Yep, you cater for all students don't you. They advertise themselves as being for careers - this year the only careers event I actually went to was the law fair, which was looking sparse compared to previous years. I chose this uni as the ranking wasn't bad when I applied and I needed to stay close to home due to ill parents. I regret it every day - one of the worst unis for law that I have ever seen. I should have went to York.


Please, please pay attention to law students. The uni is not just comprised of people who do sciences.

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