History – Chester

February 4, 2019


History - Chester Review

by Anonymous

February 4, 2019

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History and English Literature BA.


- Great staff and Good support -Interesting and Engaging Course - Good opportunities provided by departments - Opportunities of employment -Its a city uni with small town benefits. - Enabled to explore my own interests within my course - Good library and research facilities. -Great SU and Sports/Societies - Close to the heart of Chester city center. - Supportive departments -Postgraduate opportunities.


- Fines are very expensive on book loans (if returned late) - There is not a lot of food options in the cafe's on campus, and eating at uni is expensive. - There are occasions when books you need that aren't in the library or are already checked out. (My department isn't too bad for this (History and English) however, I have been told that there have been problems in other departments)


I think it is a generally fantastic university and I have had a great time beginning my academic career here, and will hopefully enjoy my postgraduate career here too. I would suggest that you visit the university and the city before you commit, because although it is a city, it doesn't have the big city feeling like Manchester or Liverpool etc, this happens to be why I like it so much as it has city be infits with the town feeling, but some might be disappointed.

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