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June 25, 2018


Culture Film & Media - Nottingham Review

by Anonymous

June 25, 2018

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-much green space -beautiful campus -great location -city transport -on campus hospital -Portland Coffee -diverse and inclusive -recycling -good class readings


-completely unprepared for exchange students, if you do an exchange program mid-year they do not care about you, will not communicate with you or help you in any way. You do not matter to them -i stayed in Derby Hall which was old and defunct. The wall my bed was against was molded so it smelled bad all the time. There were lots of spiders and maintenance was nonexistent. The porter could change a lightbulb but if anything else was wrong you were on your own. TV equipment nonworking and cords always missing. Toilets often broken and showers leaky so the floor was wet. Kettle was green on the inside and falling apart. Bin bags too small for pre dirtied bins. -my friends hall laundry room was locked at 11pm every night -the uni uses washstation which as you can see online has a one star rating. These washing machines are known to steal your money, not work at all, and destroy your clothes. Hall manager did not care in the least and customer service could never give me a refund or help in any way. My clothes were always dirty. -The rentable bed packs were worse than hospital linens and more expensive. -professors do not care. Don't respond to emails or want to spend any time explaining anything to you. -dining hall food sometimes abysmal. Either overcooked or raw meat a lot of the time. Some things good others horrible. Horrible coffee and very limited dining hours. Act like theyre about environmental friendliness but often only provide disposable cups. Kitchen staff can be nice or rude depending on what you ask them. --my friends mailbox was simply an open cubby with no lock for anyone to steal mail --nothing open on campus or right nearby past midnight --free hopper bus does not go around campus only to and from other campuses. I was disabled for over a month and could not go to class because of the hill required to climb to get there and no other way to get there. --on campus clinic did not care i was unable to walk and told me to get an emergency appointment i had to come there by myself and sit and wait for an indefinite amount of time. Receptionist always mean to me which sucked because i needed doctors appointments often. Was told they couldn't call me because i had a US number and WOULDN'T (not couldnt) email me. Also the clinic is on top of another hill. -the custodian would only clean my room when i was there, unlike every other person -somehow the whole campus smells bad all the time --clubs never have meetings --let me reiterate they hate exchange students. The exchange student email they provide doesn't work. There is nobody i could have contacted that would understand my situation so everytime i had a question i had to forward it to ten people to heighten the chance someone would answer me.


Dont go here if exchange student Wash clothes off campus Don't eat the steak and watch out for completely raw chicken Be persistent and obnoxious or you will never get what you need Get a student easyrider card for the city Take advantage of free city events

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