Bsc Business Top Up – Brighton

May 31, 2018


Bsc Business Top Up - Brighton Review

by Anonymous

May 31, 2018

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All round terrible. Complete scam.


Brighton is a beautiful place and worth seeing.


Staff don't care about students even by minimum amount. Feedback received didn't make sense, like they didn't even read my work. My whole class mysteriously got exactly the same mark on one assignment? One of the lecturers spent all year trying to promote his flapjack business instead of teaching us. Content was generally way off mark, like they didn't know what business was? Some of our modules were obviously filler modules that didn't even have classes. I literally had to attend a poster making competition. I asked if it was an academic poster and they said "oh. an academic poster would be good" like they literally thought I was going to sit there with crayon. I got marked down on assignments for evaluating my own work? (You're supposed to do this?!) Pastoral care was terrible. Still waiting on over half of my coursework to be marked and course has ended. One of the exams actually had students walking out because the exam wasn't relevant and unreasonably difficult but not in a challenging way, more like an unfair "Learn this entire book that has no bearing on the subject matter and regurgitate it in the exam" kind of way. Basically just a giant waste of money. I became so depressed I stopped going to class in November and I got exactly the same mark as everyone else. I tried to access the counselling system in february. Still wating on an appointment. Could've killed myself by now.


Attend only if you're desperate for a break from work. then go to class until november then stop going to class (because they dont care enough to check) and then just meditate and enjoy the time off. Brighton is a beautiful place. Shame about this terrible university.

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