Applied Langauges – Portsmouth

November 13, 2017


Applied Langauges - Portsmouth Review

by Anonymous

November 13, 2017

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Avoid attending if possible - despite good course choices and an excellent TEFL strand, poor management of dissertation supervisor, which makes all the positives useless.


At the time, there was a good variety of options (in terms of which languages to study as the main part of the degree), as well as an excellent TEFL strand led by highly capable and experienced staff - this strand has opened many doors for me, past and present. However, it can be done elsewhere for a much higher cost than the price we were charged in addition to uni expenses, but significantly cheaper than the overall tuition few costs. History and politics modules of respective language choices was very welcome.


Could have done with more history and politics modules of respective languages. Little to no career guidance. Poor dissertation supervisor management - having almost two months without a supervisor in between drafts is simply unacceptable, particularly as the supervisor simply left the University and the University had failed to inform me. This consequently meant that the time I had to work on the drafts was significantly reduced, relative to my peers, and that I had such conflicting advice for the two very different supervisors that the dissertation never really got to where I feel it should have. Apparently, not telling you of your supervisor's leave is not their responsibility, as a formal complaint led no where.


Place some level of importance on managing staff leaving, in relation to the responsibilities they have to their students. Being told a supervisor was no longer at the university by said supervisor whilst they were at the airport in some distant country over a month after they had left is not an acceptable way to be told you need to find a new dissertation supervisor. Provide more personalised careers support by CDI qualified personnel in the penultimate year of study. Preferably not the last year of study, especially if you don't tell students they no longer have a dissertation supervisor - that's plenty of work for final year and some.

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